Keep an eye out for our next workshop in 2018!

We have had a great time in Tahoe and Sonoma Valley, but this time we have decided it's time to get away from the west coast and head out east! But where will we go? For 2018 we are also targeting a different time of year and getting away from September.  January 2018 we will let you know the details.

Until then, you can be sure that the 2018 workshop will be even better than the last! We will be spending time in the studio using studio lighting with different modifiers. You will get to see how Kim and Margaret do their studio lighting and then try your hand at doing your own lighting. We will also be spending time working with balancing ambient light with flash on location. You won't just be watching, you will be doing it too!

Add to that working with dogs, posing dogs, posing dogs with people, working with clients, in person sales, marketing, how to stand out in your market, being competitive, the business of pet photography, and so much more! Watch for the announcement in January 2018 and be ready to sign up!

 You can also check out the Classes page to see what else we are teaching! 

Kim Hartz and Margaret Bryant believe in offering the best in Dog Photography workshop experiences. Both are working dog photographers who have been in the business for many years. Because they are actively working in the business, they usually only offer one workshop per year. Workshops are limited to 9 people so each may receive individualized attention. Students learn by doing, not by copying. Students start by thoroughly understanding the concepts and then practice doing their own lighting, handling, posing and photography. In the business arena, special emphasis is given to "in person sales". In the Photoshop arena, special emphasis is given to retouching as it applies specifically to dogs. All aspects of photographing dogs and running a photography business are covered. 

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