"I loved the small class and the one on one attention to  details, especially while shooting. I've made friends for life and can ask and future questions if needed." - Megan B.

"I liked the small group size. There were some good pearls in regard to posing." -Stephanie L.


"I especially enjoyed the day in the studio and just coming up with creative lighting solutions. It was fun and I learned a lot. I feel like I'm confident and creative in my own studio now." - Betsy P. 

"I liked best the locations, the price is affordable, the little group." -Shelly E.

"I liked the marketing and business, and the real world shooting" - Ronnie M.

"Thank you so much for organizing, hosting and teaching a first class workshop! The information was at the right level to challenge me to think and try new things, but not out of my reach."- Judy S.


"I liked the access to the "professionals" who know what they are doing and share" - Leslie M.

"It was by far the best workshop I attended!" -Sonia U.

"A small group, great access to instructors, hands on, fun and great instruction!" -Mary H.

"I really enjoyed the workshop! I liked best the dialogue and approachability of the instructors. I appreciate that care was taken to ensure I learned what I came to learn. I loved the hands on opportunities that not only taught the concepts but instilled confidence in me. I will recommend this workshop to others!" -Joy P.

"The instructors were so approachable and genuinely interested in helping. I learned so much! Having great dog models made learning easier." -Nicole Z.